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The rate of organ donation has shown a tremendous increase in India over the last few years. Nevertheless, the lack of technology and equipment, infrastructure to transfer organs and the enormous cost of transplantation and post-surgery care continue to play spoilsport. Study says, in 2014, there were 411 organ donors post brain death which resulted in the transplantation of 720 kidneys, 354 livers, 54 hearts and 16 lungs.

Doctors say transplantation of liver and kidney are easier, organs like heart and lung are very difficult mainly because of the time limitation. Organs are hard to store. Therefore, there arises an immediate need for preparedness and equipment which later will help in transplantation of the organs at the earliest without losing much time. Several hospitals now look forward to create a system which can keep organs alive for a longer time even as patients are declared brain dead. Moreover, more emphasis on green corridors and air lifting is given by both private as well as public sector. Even the doctors are engaging with authorities and government officials to bring in more awareness and to import expertise to make it happen in India.